Hay fever season remedy

 Hay fever season is coming or for some

of you already is here!

Hello to who-ever is reading this.

Hay fever is that kind of season you rather stay inside and just protect yourself from outside pollen or even worse >> You are sick like hell.

I know this can harm many people. What if i tell you that i found the solution years ago through the Juice Master ( Jason Vale )? Yes i like all his youtube videos and books. In one of his books there are remedies for allergies and hay fever was one of them. So i decided to try it out.

My husband has severe allergies to grasses for all his life, he could not go outside as of beginning of June till somewhere end July. And then we lived on the countryside which of course contains more pollen than the city. He was always very sick and sneezing like hell, swollen itchy eyes, running nose, tired etc. 

He just missed summer!

So as of Half April i start making juice before the pollen season comes. It’s just simple >>

1 Golden Delicious Apple

1/2 Lemon unwaxed

approx 5 cm ginger

And that’s it! Yes.

So i make this in double batches, put it in small glasses with lid in the fridge and every morning he drinks 1 shot before he eats or drinks something else and it works like a charm. I juice 2 Golden Delicious apples with 1 lemon unwaxed and unpeeled + 5 cm of ginger. I will show it in pictures below for you.

That was the solution and he hardly has any problems during grass season anymore.

You take 1 shot every morning and continue during the pollen grass season. I think we stop around half of July. It works every year, i think this will be the fourth year we are doing this. I started juicing today, and ofcourse this year is a challenge since Covid 19 causes about the same symptoms and no-one really can say what is going on. With this juice you drink you will be less worried about your symptoms.

I juice every 4 days and that is very doable i think :-)

If you don’t believe me, just try it.

What do you have to lose?

My Retro Slowjuicer from Jason Vale

With drop stop

My Kilner Glasses 

Parts to clean after juicing, but it goes faster than you think :-)