Healthy Chocolate Ice cream with food processor

Nobody put’s this Baby in a Corner!
Tovolo and KitchenAid, a team made in heaven.

Oh how i love my Food Processor of KitchenAid! I bought it at earlier this year and it’s a charm to work with and so easy in use + it’s super quite. Can you believe i make Ice cream with it? 
Yesterday i made a healthy mixture of avocado, banana and dates and mixed it all together.

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How long did it take for making this ice cream? 5 minutes? Hell yes! :)

Normally i make this in my kitchen, but i decided to make some good photos of my machine, cause nobody put’s this baby in a corner!

I also want to say that i found the perfect ice cream tubs for re-use. They are easy, sturdy and have the perfect size for a one person ice cream quantity + i like the colors of the lids a can have your own color at a party!
The big tube contains 1 quart of ice cream (around 1 liter) and the small ones are about 250 ml.
You can buy them HERE for EU citizens or find them on amazon.

I wish i made some more ice cream, so i could have filled the whole liter tube and all the small ones. Now i could fill the 4 small ones and half of the big one. 
And do you love chocolate chunks as well in your ice cream? I DO :)


1 cup dates (pitted)
2 ripe avocado (without pit of course)
1 to 2 bananas (according to taste)
5 tbsp of RAW Cacao powder
1 cup of coconut cream 
1 tbsp of cognac brandy
1 big squeeze of Coconut blossom nectar to sweeten up
About 4 tbsp of cacao nibs or chocolate drops
According to taste again :)

TIP : I you don’t like the banana taste, you can thicken this up by using mango or silken tofu in the same amount.


If you have a food processor..........wonderful!

1. Place first dates and process till it becomes like a paste. Makes sure you scoop everything in it from the sides too. Take your time on speed 1 first and then go to 2. 
Stop when it has become a paste sticking together.

2. Then add the rest of the ingredients into the food processor, except the cacao nibs or chunks.

3. Process on pulse first, cause the cacao powder will fly up against the sides a bit. Then go on higher speed until smooth and creamy. Don’t be afraid to use speed 2.

4. Then add the chocolate chunks or cacao nibs and gently let it turn around in the food processor on speed 1 (do not pulse, cause that’s a higher speed than only at speed 1). Not too long. You still want to have chunks. You can also do that by hand easily when you remove the blades inside.

5. Voila, that’s it...... Pour into a container or the small Tovolo tubes and freeze for 3 to 4 hours to have a smooth ice cream. If longer >> defrost the ice cream 10 minutes before eating it, it will have the right consistency. I tell you, semi frozen is best! Super smooth, super delicious....mmmmmm.......


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