Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

Baking is just the beginning

I can not be grateful enough for finally having my Kitchenaid Stand mixer in RED.
For years my eye always got pulled to those mixers, but everyone knows they are not cheap....but as i say, you buy something for life :)
Sometimes things are worth the investment and this is one of them......

With 10 speeds the legendary stand mixer can handle anything and till June 19, 2016 you can even have a free ice cream maker with it. That promises a wonderful summer!
The mixer i bought from and they have some good prices and good combo deals as you can also buy a glass bowl together with your machine with -25 % discount + they offer free delivery within 1 day. The glass bowl i find very interesting to see how cream is whipping up or for egg whites etc and it’s something different to look at, i think it makes it more classy.


These days you can choose from up to 28 colors! So that was really hard as i normally wanted another color to match my red machines, but i stayed true to my kitchen colors and bought a red one. But i tell you, when you have to decide on which color, it can make you crazy :D

De first Kitchenaid mixer appeared in 1919 in the USA. Since then they are constantly developing and being fine-tuned. They got better, faster and got more possibilities. That makes this stand mixer the most wanted robot these days that can do anything you want, an assistant next to you in the kitchen.. The look hasn’t changed in 90 years which i find remarkable and it means it stays true to itself. Thanks to it’s unique Retro design and features it’s the perfect help to your needs and skills. Which i’m planning to test out of course!And as the name says “Kitchen Aid”, it’s a real Aid in the kitchen. 

If you are interested in their accessories, you have to buy them separately and that can make a big cost. Think for yourself whether you need these accessories or not. I’m satisfied with what i got now and have all i need, cause i also have their Food Processor for making my pie crusts as you can see on the picture below.

So here it is >> my new pride.....I will incorporate this mixer in my recipe pictures or all the tools i use ‘when i have space between all the dishes around’ hehe.

Looking forward for making my first ice cream too, i just have to wait a bit to receive the bowl as i just registered the mixer at the website and it can take up to 8 weeks to receive it. well let’s hope it does not take that long. Will keep you informed :D

Happy Cook here.
Have a great sunday all!


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