Chervil Pesto

That i didn’t think about that sooner!

I’m sometimes very chaotic and that’s something not normal for a perfectionist :)
When i think of having everything for my pesto, then i don’t have basilicum. So i thought what to do now and searched my fridge for a replacement and found chervil. Still fresh and ready to use.

Personally i don’t like chervil soup as it tastes rather ......well yes pretty tasteless hehe.
The thing i knew is that i have to use more pepper and add a little bit more cheese for more taste in it. The perfect tool for making my pesto i find is the Mini Bowl by Magimix. it has the right size for this tasty pesto.

With these ingredients you get around 200 gr of pesto. If you have some left over, just put it in the fridge for upto 5 days or so, use it in another dish for extra taste of simply make another pesto pasta.

2 hands full of chervil
3 tbsp of pine nuts
2 cloves of garlic (pressed)
140 gr of pecorino Romano cheese 
You can also use the traditional Parmesan
70 ml of extra virgin olive oil
Pepper and Salt


First start with putting the chervil in the mini bowl, you can press it a bit. End with your fluids, as when you turn over the bowl, the fluids have to been at the bottom for mixing.
So add your dry ingredients first and the olive oil with salt and pepper at the end.

Shut the lid well and mix till nicely smooth. it can happen that you have to stop and stir in the bowl. Then try again and everything will mix well.
Don’t be afraid to use speed 4 on your machine. Add more oil if you need to. 
You’ll see, it will taste so much better than from stores.

I was surprised by the taste of chervil. It’s softer, however nicely cheesy and smooth.
Combine your pasta with the pesto >> if necessary add some of the water of the pasta pot. Not too much, just a tablespoon of 2. It’s more easily to combine the pesto this way. It’s good for all kinds of pesto. 

What have i learned?
Well, that you can make pesto with anything. Try it out, see for yourselfs and be amazed!

You will start like to use your blender :)


  1. Yummy! i am love'in it.I am very foody person and that's the reason i am so bulky.I liked your post.Its very delicious and interesting as well.Do more post please.


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