Protein Lion Bars

No sugar, no flour and no butter!

Let’s call this the new healthy lifestyle. No food is bad, just what’s in it is bad. I no longer wish to buy things from store as it contains so many unhealthy things in it. Then i have been looking around to make something healthy and is still sweet enough.

So i came across the blog of Marissa. She has a passion of food, sports and loosing weight. 
Go check her out HERE.

There are a lot or recipes to find on the net, but this one really catched by eye. As i used to adore the Lion bars from store. This way i can still eat lion bar, but then i know what’s inside and it’s all good :)

First of all i must say that this really does not take much time and i followed the recipe as Marissa made it. except i have added a chocolate topping for more chocolate heaven tasteness and a bit more crunchy crisps. You can add also more nuts or less as you wish :D
Original recipe of hers you can find HERE.

INGREDIENTS (it will make the amount of 1 lasagna dish)

3 Tbsp of nut pasta
40 gr of mixed nuts
2 Tbsp of mixed nuts (chopped a bit)
2 Tbsp of oatmeal
2 Medjoul dates or 4 normal dates
1 Tbsp of Honey
50 gr of pure chocolate (i used 86% cacao)

Chocolate Topping :

25 gr of coconut oil 
3 Tbsp of Raw cacao
30 gr of honey

TIP : If you leave out the whey isolate crisps, it will not be so crunchy. You could also use Quinoa pops or Amaranth pops.


1. Make sure the dates do not contain pits. Soak them in some water for about 5 minutes and chop them finely.
* I also came across a tip of using the same amount of water as the dates and let come to boil, simmer till it has become a paste. Then it will combine better with the rest.

2. Then in a large bowl add the whey crisps and continue adding the nuts and oatmeal.

3. In a small bowl add the chocolate and combine with the nut paste and honey. Put in the microwave for about 30 seconds on 750 watt. Stir and let melt more while you are stirring.

4. Pour in the chocolate mixture and dates into your crispy mixture. Gently stir and make sure everything is combined well.

5. Then cover a small lasagna dish with greaseproof paper and add the mixture in it. Press with a spoon till it’s nicely even. Transfer to the fridge and let cool for about 20 minutes.

6. Make your topping by melting the coconut oil and add the raw cacao along with the honey. Combine well and pour over the cooled Lion mixture. Make sure it’s even or you can also create some waves in it. be creative. transfer to the fridge again and let cool for 1 hour or so.
You can also freeze it for 1 hour. Then your chocolate topping will be harder to eat.

7. Now you can easily pick up the lion mixture out of the dish, cause of the greaseproof paper. Cut in small pieces or as large as you wish and voila.....ready to taste.

TIP : Make sure you don’t eat it all at once :p

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