Pancakes sweetened with Wild Flower Honey

Celebrating shorter Nights and longer Days

Tomorrow it is Candlemas (Maria Lichtmis). Which means that the days become longer and the nights shorter. In Belgium we celebrate that with making pancakes. Personally it means that spring is coming soon and i feel it’s so exciting hehehe :)

I want to write a little about food and the best way to get old and look young.

I find it so weird to live in times where the food industry does not take care of our health anymore, but just wants to sell at our life cost. Recently i watched the second part of "Fat, sick and nearly dead”. You can also find it on Netflix. It opened my eyes again that i was not strickt enough with food and especially during the holidays i think many people struggle with healthy eating. Cause all you see in the stores is “unhealthy” processed food. With too much sugar, bad fats and high in calories. I must say i became addicted to bad food again. I did not realize it as much. As i thought now and then something from store is not bad. But it was! It made me addicted again to sugar  My skin was drying out and looked so mat and uneven. This was not good!

The last months i gained 5 kg and now i said STOP. So i started a 3 day Soup and Juice challenge on January 3 from The Juice Master. It was hard! really hard. the fact that i could have soup in the evening, was good for wintertime. I knew i was addicted to sugar again and the only thing you can do to remove sugars in your body is doing a Detox cure and simply don’t eat refined sugars anymore. I had headaches, felt absolutely terrible, no energy,  was dizzy all the time and i dreamed of a snack like mars or anything else that had sugars. My mind was messing with me. 
On the 3th day i started to eat my homemade bread and i felt better. It meant i was poisoned so much from sugar, that i cleaned too fast. Can you imagine? The trick is to find balance in your lifestyle. Just eating enough to survive. Since then i eat a self made sandwich with homemade bread and salad, or tomatoes, mozzarella and good olive oil every noon for lunch. It gives me energy and get’s me through the whole afternoon. I’m getting my greens now :)

I listened to my body and acted smart. I gave it food, healthy food, but no sugars anymore. Now we are February and i feel amazing! I lost 3,5 kg again in just 1 month. For me that’s fast enough. You have to think about your skin too. Otherwise you get hanging situations.........

One last thing, for me it’s important to incorporate a healthy diet into my life with more fruit and vegetables. To become a healthy person with a glowing skin. Right now, i’m drinking my Glowing Green Smoothie from Kimberly Snyder. It gives me strength and all the vitamins i need.
Therefore it’s important to expand your kitchen, so you have the right tools to start making your dishes, smoothies, juices, granola, Bread etc......

Exactely 1 year ago i bought my Magimix Blender in Red and never regret it. It was the best buy of 2015. It has a settled place in my kitchen, so i can use it anytime i want.
I make lots of things with it, like smoothies, mixing soups, chopping nuts, Mixing Pesto, Pancake dough, Milkshakes and much more. The machine is very versatile.

For these pancakes i used this Blender too. It was ready in 5 minutes. I can not think about the fact that i used packages of pancake mix for years! How stupid of me.
This way i know what i eat and i can flavor it any way i like. I also used the Recipe by Magimix itself, except i added a teaspoon of Wild Flower Honey. To sweeten it up a little.

Feel free to visit the Magimix Website and see for yourself, they have a lot of recipes for all their machines. I’m also in love with their Food Processor <3

You can find the Original Dutch recipe from Magimix HERE

INGREDIENTS (This serves about 8 thick pancakes)

250 gr of flour (all purpose)
* you can also use buckwheat flour
2 tbsp of Walnut oil
A little bit salt
3 eggs
500 ml milk
* you can also use Almond milk
1 Tablespoon of Organic Wild Flower Honey (De Tuinen)


1. Get your blender out of the dust and start adding the 3 eggs, 500 ml milk, Walnut oil, salt, Honey, and flour on top.

2. Put on the lid and set the blender on speed 3. 

3. Push start and let mix for about 15 seconds.

Voila, it should be totally creamy. Put the dough in another bowl and let rest for about 1 hour. Your mix will be more tasty if you do and you can clean the blender in the meanwhile. After that you can start baking.

NOTE : Just add a little bit oil (i used sunflower oil) in the pan every time you make a pancake. So it won’t stick to the pan and it gives nice patterns on the pancakes :)
I just ate them with some Coconut blossom Sugar.......mmmmmm......

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