Fish Gratin with drunk shrimps

Something for fridays i believe

Fish is healthy....well i hope it is, these days you never know. Though i rather eat fish than meat.
This gratin does not contain any cheese, but you can add some if you want for a crustier top.
I must say that i was surprised of the taste. i’m not much of a vegetable eater, i never was. Still i wanted to try this out. Of course i added my own touch to a simple recipe.

You can make this easy on a friday evening before heading to the telly. Now in december we get to see all Star Wars films every friday till Christmas. That is so cosy and even more cosy with a good meal on my lap :) Next week part 5!

INGREDIENTS (serving 2)

400 gr of potatoes (hard cooking)
250 gr Broccoli
150 gr shrimps
200 gr salmon (filet) not smoked
2 tbsp fresh lemon juice
1 onion
2 tbsp of butter or oil
2 tbsp of flour
80 ml light cream (about 15% fat)
1/2 cube vegetable stock 
About 40 ml of white wine
Some dill for decoration (but i forgot, cause Star Wars started :)

Tools : Oven dish or 2 small cocottes, Steamer and whipper.


1. Wash your Broccoli and cut out small pieces (bite pieces). Peel the potatoes and wash them as well. Steam the potatoes for about 4 to 5 minutes. or cook them for 15 minutes.

2. Cook the Broccoli in 375 ml of water with some salt for 3 minutes. When cooked, keep the liquid (set it aside in a jar or so) and give the broccoli a cold shower. it will keep it’s color nicely.

3. Cut the potatoes in slices (as you would do for potato gratin) and set aside. Wash the shrimps and set aside. Wash the salmon a bit, cut into 4 pieces or more if you want and sprinkle with the lemon juice.  Let marinate.

4. To make the sauce >> Peel and dice the onion in small pieces. Heat up the butter or oil and glaze the onion. Add the 2 tbsp of flour and stir well. Then add the vegetable stock cube, light cream and the liquid from the broccoli. Keep stirring well. Then add the white wine and season with pepper and salt.
Let cook your sauce a bit till it thickens and then add the shrimps.

TIP : If it does not thicken enough, don’t panic >> you can use a sauce thickener to do so.

5. Now you are ready to prepare your dish or 2 small separate cocottes. Sprinkle your oven dish with some oil or butter. lay some potato slices in it, then add the Broccoli and place your salmon in between. You can layer it any way you like. Make sure to leave some room for the sauce to come on top.

6. Pre-heat your oven on 180°c. Spread the sauce nicely over the dish and bake in the oven for about 20 minutes.
You could add some cheese, but i think salmon is already a steady fish which makes you don’t get hungry easily and i always say “less is more”.

The pure taste of the white wine sauce with shrimps will make you dizzy :D
Decorate with some dill on top et voila.....

In Pictures