Final result of my "Not so traditional Christmas Pudding"

How i adore this Christmas pudding!

Finally it’s that time to see whether it worked out or not and it really has. I preserved the pudding simply in its mould and looked at it every week to see if it’s still ok. I kept it on a cool dark place.

I was kind of a Christmas pudding hater when i tasted it for the first time last year, but now i simply LOVE it! On December 2 i wrote you that i was making my very first Christmas pud , while i missed up "Stir Up Sunday". And now i was so excited on how it turned out on Christmas day. Well, i tell is amazing and even my husband likes it haha. I steamed it for another 1 1/2 hour and it came out nicely damping and soft. I even did not have to grease in my mould, since it’s non stick and it was. It just slides out of the Masterclass mould!

NOTE : When the pudding is cold, it does not want to come out of the mould. it needs to be hot.

As i mentioned before, the thing i did not like about the traditional puddings, is the Dark Muscovado Sugar. I did not add it and replaced it with another dark sugar, and it tasted delicious!

So here is the result.....oh oh, i also added some more Lik├Âr  (Grand Marnier) on top and put a flame on it. It was the first time i did that!!
So beautiful to watch .....even with only a couple of seconds of fire and it made it even more tasty. Quickly made a picture for you.

See Previous post with recipe of THIS PUDDING.

Next year i do this again for sure, but then i won’t be missing Stir Up Sunday :)
Happy Holidays everyone!