Creamy Walnut Pumpkin Pie

The perfect Thanksgiving Pie

If i could give you all the stars from the sky, i would...

In just 1 week it’s Thanksgiving for my American friends, and i felt like making a kind of traditional pie and see for myself what American people are talking about. I have an adoration for the United States as you can see also with my Pin-ups who look like ladies coming straight from the American 50’s with the ooohs and the aaahss  >>

I have been searching through recipes and thinking on what to make with all the pumpkins i have from my garden. For this recipe i made everything myself (except i did no magic on the pumpkin :D).
Yesterday i have been working a lot in the kitchen to create this pie, as it was the first time i made this. The crust was most crispy, the pumpkin tasted perfectly and the bottom had a crunch made of walnuts. Let me show you how i made this......

First of all, i used a butternut squash. i did not use a can of pumpkin. no no, i make everything myself and it’s really so easy. You will never buy cans again!
TIP : >> Shortening gives that crisp in the crust. And make sure that if you use stevia, the grams you need are the same as normal sugar or adjust to what the package says.  For example : 1 tbsp of stevia contains 1 tbsp of normal sugar.

PREPARATION (you can do this the day before)

1. First cut the pumpkin in half (this is a hard pumpkin, make sure you get a super sharp knife and start stabbing the pumpkin first in the middle and cut down). Remove the seeds with a spoon. 

2. Add some salt to the flat sides and prepare a baking sheet with aluminium foil. Place the 2 halfs with the flat side to the bottom and roast in the oven on 175°c (350° fahrenheit) for 1 hour. 

3. Remove from the oven and let cool down. Then you should be able to spoon out the paste very easily. I could spoon out 1,4 kg of pumpkin.
I only needed 600 gr. so i will be baking some more pumpkin things soon :)

4. To make your pumpkin paste, simply add the spooned pumpkin to your blender, adding some cinnamon and a bit of water. Blend and voila, it’s ready for use.

After you prepared this, you already have 50% of your filling ready. Now, i also make my own pie crust. You can always buy a crust. But as i use to say a lot this year >>> Nothing Tastes as Good as Homemade Food <<< I found this excellent Pie book, which is my holy bible now. I suggest that if you are into pies a lot >> Buy >> THIS BOOK.

The pie crust is really not that hard, but it takes some time indeed. It needs chilling time, rolling out and if you want to make some cuttings for decoration....this can take some time.
The book told me too that you can make lot’s of kind of crusts. I wanted a crispy one, so i added some shortening. I must say....the pie really cracks gently in the mouth.....Mmmmmmm.
No more talking, let’s do this!

INGREDIENTS  (For the pie crust)

3  1/2 cups of all purpose flour (420 gr)
3 tablespoons of Stevia sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup of ice cold butter (240 gr)
1/2 cup of shortening (120 gr) 
1/2 cup of cold water(120 ml)


1. Add the flour, stevia, salt and butter to a kitchen machine and mix at pulse. making sure the butter can come down every time and does not stick to the lid. You will notice, it will become more of a crumble.  
TIP : I cover the butter under the flour, so it can not stick to the lid and is closely to the knife of the machine.

2. Then add the shortening and cold water. I mix this with my hands. It’s sticky at first, but the more you knead, the more it will become a real dough. Work fast, cause the longer you work with your warm hands, the warmer the butter will become and it will all become very sticky. 

3. As soon as everything is blended, cut the dough in 3 pieces and press them down into disks. Wrap them in foil and add to your refrigerator for about 1 hour to chill again.

INGREDIENTS (for the pie itself)

If you do not make your own crust, you need 1 package of refrigerated pie crust
1 cup of walnuts (bit chopped)
3 large eggs
1 1/4 cup of light brown sugar (i used stevia, half the size)
3 tablespoons of room temperature butter
1/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract (Bourbon)
600 gr of pumpkin purée
1 ounce of cream cheese (220 gr >> i used Philadelphia)
2 tbsp of all purpose flour
1/2 tsp ground ginger
1/2 tsp nutmeg
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp allspice (see pictures below)


1. Take one of your disks our of the fridge and start rolling it out for creating your stars on top of your crust. If you are used to baking cookies, you know how to do this :-)
Set them aside and take another disk of dough from the fridge.

2. Roll out the second disk with enough flour, so it does not stick. Take a pie pan of about 23 cm (9”) and make sure your dough is rolled out larger than your pie pan. Take your dough on your roll and lay it gently in your pie pan. fold the edges under and crimp. Create a shape into the sides with your fingers if you want. Use your knuckles of your both hands to create a nice shape around.

3. Place your pie pan with crust in your fridge and let chill again. In the meanwhile pre-heat your oven to 175°c (350° fahrenheit).

4. Combine 1/2 cup of light brown sugar, chopped walnuts, butter and vanilla extract. Crumble this with your finger tips, when it’s a crumble, set aside.

5. Take your pie pan out of the fridge and bake in the oven for about 6 minutes. Let cool down a bit and then add the walnut mixture you just created. Between these actions, you have the time to do some dishes from the things you used.

6. Increase the temperature of the oven to 220°c (425° fahrenheit). Beat the pumpkin purée, cream cheese, 2 eggs and remaining 3/4 cup of sugar at medium speed with an electric mixer. Add the flour, cinnamon, allspice, ginger and nutmeg. stirring well till blended. Spoon the pumpkin mixture over the walnut mixture.

7. Roll out the 3th and last disk of the pie crust and roll over the top of the pie pan, just about the size of your pie pan. Covering the inside of the pie. Fold the edges nicely using your knuckles again and add the leaves you cut out earlier and following the pattern you started. Beat up the last egg and with a brush gently cover the pie crust, so it get’s a nice and golden crust.

8. Put in the oven for 15 minutes. decrease the heat to 175°c (350° fahrenheit) and let bake for another 30 minutes. Cover the pie with aluminium foil, when the pie starts to get too dark. You don’t want a burned pie crust. The pie should be set after this baking time.

9. Remove the pie from the oven to a wire rack and let cool down for at least 45 minutes. So it can set. Serve a bit warm or chilled with whipped cream if desired.

This is not the traditional Pumpkin Pie, but a more creamy version.

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