Homemade Vanilla Pudding

An oldie, but goodie

A long is i can remember, i know Vanilla pudding. When i was little my mother made it for us on regulary base.....but as you all might know from the brand “Imperial" out of a package.
You just had to add some milk to it, very vintage too (like the advertising you saw back in those days) and it had a great taste yes, but it’s not the same like you make it fresh.

I do liked a lot the Chocolate sprinkles on top and even bottom! Or the heaviest version i ate was when she added even Petit Beurre cookies inside. and then together with the chocolate sprinkles in a big jar.....well yeah. i was blown up!
It made it a lot heavier to eat and mostly it hurt my stomach.....but it was so worth it LOL

Now i made a lighter version and also decided not to replace the sugar from the recipe, but just go for it and see how it really tastes >> 70 grams is not the end of the world. I do think that next time i will try to use a substitute like Stevia or Grape sugar.

So as i like to cook everything myself, i found an old German recipe to make Vanilla Pudding from scratch and of course i had to try it. Actually it’s not that hard as you think.....I was surprised myself.
How spoiled we are these days, with getting everything out of packages just adding milk. It makes us forget our roots and basics + it’s not good for us either to have so much coloring and E no’s and who knows what else.

The thing i learned about making vanilla pudding myself is.....that it is not that yellow like we know from store.....hm, i think that if you add saffron, it might look the same then. However for me that’s not necessarily. it’s the taste that counts!


650 ml Milk (i used demi)
1 Vanilla pod
100 ml cream (but you can use milk only, just add another 100 ml then)
A little salt
70 sugar (or alternative)
3 egg yolks
65 gr Speisestärke (the same as Cornflour >> uk  /  or Cornstarch >> usa)


1. Split the eggs and keep the egg yolk. 

2. Add the Speisestärke (Cornstarch) to a bowl and slowly add 100 ml of the milk, 3 egg yolks , a little bit of salt and sugar. Make sure you have no lumps.

3. Put the remaining milk in a pot and let come to boil, then cut the vanilla pod in 2 and remove the vanilla inside, adding it to the milk and throw in the skin of the vanilla pod too. So you have the most of the vanilla taste. Let it absorb all the vanilla for about 10 minutes with a lid on the pot.

4. Then remove the vanilla pod from the milk >> TIP >> You can make your own vanilla sugar with adding these pods to your sugar in a large bowl, shake it and leave it in for up to 6 months. You can do this every time you use vanilla pods :)

5. Now cook the milk again and slowly add the cream and stir in well. then add the mixture you made with your Speisestärke. Keep stirring on medium heat, till the mixture thickens. It’s so nice to see how quick this goes and you can really see the vanilla sparkles in the pudding. 

6. Make sure you already prepared your glasses to put the vanilla pudding in. Fill your glasses gently and for not having a skin on top (which i don’t find tasty at all), add some cling film on top of your pudding. Really on the pudding. If you have some air under it, lift it up a bit and lay it back.

Is it not so much fun to spoon up the remaining pudding from the pot? 

Well this learned me again that making fresh pudding is really not that hard and actually tastes a lot better. Do it, seriously.....forget about those fake things in store.
As you can see i added some chocolate sprinkles on top like in my childhood and yes, i added a little Petit Beurre cookie inside too. I just can’t help it :p

MY mistake : I added the cornstarch (speisestärke, Cornflour) on top of the milk, which made me have some lumbs in the mixture when i stirred in it. I will not make that mistake again.

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