Mason Ball Milk Frothing

Sometimes the simplest things work perfectly

My favorite coffee is Cappuccino and it’s not really a challenge to make it yourself in a healthy way, which means not made with whipped cream like many bars do...
The real Cappuccino is made with frothed milk, but how to froth your milk without spending too much money on tools or an expensive machine?

Well i discovered a great way to have nice foam on your milk for your cappuccino using only a Mason Ball Jar and your microwave :-)

Recently i bought myself an espresso maker (moka induction) to make my morning coffee. I was tired of drinking Cappuccino bags from the store which tasted too sweet with al the sugar added.
I chose Bialetti, cause it sounds so nicely Italian :D

This is a 3 cup espresso maker, which is perfect to make 1 normal cup of coffee. When you add your frothed milk, you have the perfect Cappuccino cup.
Don’t be fooled about the 3 cup size on the box, cause that’s for small espresso cups.

It’s especially for my induction, as i had troubles to find one to work on it. The bottom is made of stainless steel and the top is aluminum, like the traditional models.

So how about frothing the milk........

I take a mason ball jar (size 450 ml) and add about 100 ml milk from the fridge. I shake it for about 10 seconds twice or 3 times and in the meanwhile my coffee is slowly in the make on my induction.
I turn off the lid and put the glass in the microwave for about 40 seconds at 750 Watt.

Swipe 2 turns around, so it flows into each other and pour on your coffee, 
the last bits have the foam, et have the perfect Cappuccino.