Quick wok in less than 30 minutes

Now this is a very fast, healthy and delicious dish!

Many women don’t have time to cook due their jobs, but still want to eat healthy. But even men like to cook healthy i notice lately hehe.
What better way than to make a nice wok. You don’t need very much, just a wok, rice and some fresh ingredients. As i like to cook italian very much, i also like to wok for a change, cause then i have a chance to cook other vegetables from my garden. Now i had 600 gr of French beans in my fridge and i had to use it in a dish somewhere. So i thought of making a wok. I still have 300 gr of beans left to make something else today haha.
You can replace the tofu with chicken breast cut in pieces. Or other meat....what you like. Experiment and find out what you like best. I don’t eat meat much and my body does not seem to handle it well, so that’s why i like to cook veggie.

I just want to let you know that my husband said “wow, so delicious” to me when he tasted this :D

What you’ll need (serving 4) :

300 gr white rice
300 gr french beans
3 tablespoons good olive oil
180 gr tofu smoked in cubes
2 onions
1 red bell pepper
1 leek
One package of Wok oyster garlic sauce (see pictures below)
Some coriander for herb taste


1. First wash and cut all your vegetables and set aside before you start putting the heat on.
You can collect all vegetables together in a bowl ready to be used (except the onions). You need to keep them separate.
2. That means : cutting beans in 1 to 2 cm pieces, slicing onions in half moon pretty thin, cut the red bell pepper in small strips and cut the leek into fine rings.
3. Put on plenty of water in a pot to cook the chopped french beans for about 5 minutes. Remove water and set aside the beans.
4. When you have done all that, most of the work is done. Now you can start cooking the rice as mentioned on package. NOTE : depending whether you are using rice in bags, you need to set aside 1 coffeecup of rice water to add to the wok later. I do that half way when the rice is cooking.
5. Then i start heating my wok with the olive oil. Make sure it does not become too hot, as oil splashes all round and you can burn yourself. Just think about a normal temperature. 
6. Add the smoked tofu cubes to the wok and stir for about 1 minute on medium heat.
7. Add the onions (you kept separately) and let it glaze for about 3 minutes, keep stirring.
8. Then add the rest of the chopped vegetables + Wok oyster sauce + rice water (you kept aside from the rice). Stir and let cook a bit. That’s so fun about wok, you can add it all in one pan.
9. Spice it up with Coriander, pepper and salt. ah, the smell is sooooo goooood!

In the meanwhile your rice should be ready (about 10 minutes in total) and your wok should be too.
Serve the rice first on a plate and add the wok vegetables on top.
It’s as simple as that....it is soooooo delicious!!

In pictures