Juicy Summer Smoothie

Perfect for a hot summerday!

Ah, summer is there again after a rainy and cold week. I start to feel like making smoothies again.
They are perfect to drink in the morning or afternoon in a nice Mason ball jar. Silly that i don’t have a picture yet with this smoothie in a Mason Ball jar, as i use these jars a lot :-)
I love this smoothie as it has the nice taste of the juiced pineapple which makes this drink very sweet.
And you don’t have to feel quilty by drinking it, as it’s made with yoghurt. Soooo delicious......
What food can do.....yes it controls your mood :D

Besides that i regulary make smoothies and juices. Since i bought 2 new machines for my kitchen this year. I got a lot of inspiration from the Juice Master, which has guided me enormously into the taste of fresh fruit and vegetables. Therefore i really recommend THIS book i bought.
The machine he used on his youtube stream made me buy one too from Philips. I have the Avance HR1869/31.
The blender i use for my smoothies is from Magimix and of course in red color (as most of my machines in my kitchen). It does wonders.....sometimes i think it’s going to be impossible to blend it, but the machine always proves otherwise hehe. Wonderful piece of technology!

What you’ll need : 

3/4 Pineapple juice (juiced first with the Philips Avance juicer)
      You can juice that the day before or till 3 days before and preserve in fridge.
1 Mango peeled and in pieces. (without pit)
100 cl Coconutmilk
100 ml Low fat yoghurt (bio if your prefer)
A squeeze of Coconutblossom sirop i got from the Organic store
1 half frozen banana slide in pieces before the freezing

How to prepare : 

Start with the liquids first and end up with the frozen banana and coconut blossom sirop. 
It’s great when you have a smoothie program on your blender, like i have. So just let the blender do it’s work and your done.
If you don’t have any program, then start at speed 2 and go quickly up till you have reached maximum and blend for about 1 minute.

Serve in a nice jar or be inventive and decorate in a nice glass with some fruit on top.
No need to add ice cubes. It tasted well this way and is nicely cold cause of the frozen banana.
I get about 2 glasses, then i can enjoy it more and sometimes i double the ingredients to enjoy several days or drink together with my husband somewhere in the shade in the back of the garden :)

TIP : If you make your smoothie, always make sure your ingredients are ice cold. It will make the smoothie more tasty to drink. No-one likes a warm smoothie, right.
Or cool it in freezer for about 30 minutes before you drink it, it will be nicely cold.

In pictures