Linguine with Honey and Pesto

Some mixing you don’t expect, but it’s actually good! "20 minute meal” We all know the normally pesto with basil, but i came across a recipe of adding honey to it and in combination with light cream and chili, this was quite tasty. The taste, consistency, the flavor and the sweetness the honey gives from flowers makes this a worthy Spring dish. The most suitable honey for this is a subtle one like thymian or rosemary and even some flower honeys like apple blossom or normal mountain honey. When you use a too strong sent honey, your dish will become that taste too. So be careful with that. I cook with fresh made pasta, see my previous posting >> HERE . i’m still in love with my Marcato Pasta machine after 2 years of usage <3 For the pesto is use my mini bowl who fits on the blender of  Magimix . INGREDIENTS 200 gr of Linguine (fresh or dried) 1 bunch of basil (everything, so also the stems) 1 little red dried chili pepper 3 c

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