Salmon Green Peas Gnocchi

Simple and delicious! If you are a lover of Gnocchi, then you should try to make your own. It tastes so much better and softer to chew than from stores. It’s really not difficult, you just have to have the right ingredients and you can always make your gnocchi in advance and keep fresh in the fridge. For this recipes i made my own gnocchi and i added a bunch of chopped chive. The herbs are giving it so much more! So, below i will give you the recipe for the homemade Gnocchi too, in case you want to try this out. The combination of smoked salmon with the green peas and parmesan is just a match made in heaven. This recipes does not ask a lot of ingredients and if you have some time in the weekend...please try it out and see for yourself. The recipe i got from THIS BOOK . It’s a great book with all kinds of homemade recipes. in case you have time, then this is the perfect book for your full of italian dishes! I see on google you can find it easily second hand :)

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