Hello and Welcome to my Foodblog!

I write this special post to welcome you to my freshly made foodblog. I have been thinking for a while to make one, but as you all know it’s a lot of work to properly create a nice blog and to update it regularly is a commitment i have to take.

Blogging is not unknown to me, as i already have another blog where i post other things, like anything related with my photography or vintage stuff. As i’m also a Pinup Retro Photographer.

But let me talk about why i created this foodblog : 

Early 2014 the doctor told me i had to be careful with what i’m eating, as i was actually overweight and sugar level was too high in my blood. Also i did not feel well at all with skin problems and i knew i had to do something about that.
I did not want to get on pills, doing crazy diets (which i did in the past), but all i wanted to do is getting healthy and fit again. So i thought, the only way to do that is by eating clean food and start to move more.

So i decided to throw overboard all of my old habbits and started making my own pasta, bread, diner, cakes, baking without sugar, Homemade fries, using healthy oils like Olive oil and Coconut oil etc.
My husband could of course only appreciate it as it seems to taste all better too. 
The food industry makes us believe we eat good, but we don’t. I was so overwhelmed by the new taste i discovered by eating so clean and especially by the italian way, which is so simple with so less ingredients. It was like i was in heaven!
I must say that i just adore Italian food. You will see a lot of pasta, gnocchi, pizza and other things coming by here. It’s just that it’s irresistible to not make it at home.

Why have we always been eating so badly? Well yes, i think eveyone knows the answer about that i believe. Most people do not have time to cook and eating something from the store is so easy.

If you have time, go for it and change your lifestyle!
Since i changed my lifestyle, i lost over 16 kg of weight without doing any effort and i feel so much better now.
I can not imagine to be so overweight again, as i can feel it in my bones that i will not be able to carry my body anymore if i go to that weight again.
Also i have always been in love with vintage style clothing from the 50’s. it was so hard to get anything in my size, so it was an extra motivation for me with the homemade cooking to be able to wear these dresses. Now i have a size 44. I think it’s a healthy life size. I feel good, free, i can breath better and my husband is happy too hehe.

I go walking with the dog and enjoy more outdoor activities again. Life can be so beautiful.......especially in autumn :)

This blog is not only made for homemade food, but also for people who have to be aware of what they eat, as sugar is a huge problem these days. You can find sugar in all food in store, which makes obesitas a huge problem in the world.
I also try to find alternatives for butter, as it’s a very high calorie product. So i try to make recipes adjusted to what i want to use. It’s a good way to stay creative and discover new flavors which other people would not think of using that.

I hope you will find a lot of inspiration here and you are always welcome to follow me.
I’m prepared to give all my knowledge to you, so you can enjoy real food as much as i do. Maybe you will loose weight too, or at least you will be more awake with the mind. As i feel i’m more awake too since i eat differently. It was like i was in a deep sleep and got awake since i make everything myself.

Take care of yourself and your body and don’t forget to live well, Love much and Laugh often.

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