Monday, 18 June 2018

Broodbroeders Workshop

To learn or not to learn

Since i started to make my own weekly Sourdoughbread last month i learned a lot of things on the internet, by doing and by reading some books by good bakers with a lot of experience.
Like “De Superette” book by Sarah Lemke, “Tartine” by Chad Robertson and many more.
And since i tasted the sourdough bread of Bakery “De korst” in Kessel Lo, i was immediately addicted to sourdough bread! Mmmmmm.........

So when i saw the opportunity to follow a sourdough bread making workshop at "De Broodbroeders", i applied for it. This Atelier has been build up by Johan and Steven and they seem to experiment with sourdough from Mechelen. I visited this Atelier the week before and i have not seen one of those brothers yet. The workshops are really quickly fully booked, so i had some chance to get one more spot. I was told that Johan would lead the workshop next Sunday where i applied for.

So Yesterday was the day of the workshop and i was really looking forward to it of course.
I had some loafs at home who where really successful so far, so i though it can only get better.
We had a fine group with people who were really interested in bread making too as much as i am. Some even gave it as birthday gift to their best friend. That’s a nice gesture i think :)

The day started as i expected and i arrived 15 minutes before the course started, Anne was going to lead the workshop, not Johan as she said to me earlier? 
We immediately got into it and there were some preparations done by Anne herself. She works there for 2 years now at the Broodbroeders. The flours were already in a big plastic box and a lump of Baker’s yeast? I immediately was thinking “i thought we were going to work with Sourdough?
Yes we are she said, but for making sure the bread rises as it should, we always add baker’s yeast along with the soudough. Cause when you use pure sourdough, the bread depends on the surrounding temperature of the room to rise well. Ok, but home i don’t use additional yeast.
We were about to bake a pure Wheat bread with an additional lump of yeast.......

So, by then i already had 2 disappointments >> No-one of the Broodbroeders to see at the workshop and they use additional yeast. I wanted to learn the real thing, you know?

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