Friday, 25 May 2018

Mother Dough Bread

The Bread of Nature

What a challenge! Some time ago i visited a bakery in Leuven (Belgium) where they made fresh loafs made out of Sourdough. The taste and smell was simply divine and i could not get enough of it really.
However the bread is not cheap with 5 euro for a half bread of approximately 720 gr.
Now i know why it is not cheap.......Spending so much money on bread, i thought i can make that myself too and as many as i want :)

Making artisanal bread is not like the bread they are making in the food industry with dried yeast or if you are lucky with fresh yeast to be solved in water. It’s so different in taste, ingredients, time and of course the satisfaction of eating your own made bread.
I suggest that you eat it with only salted butter and the flavours will explode in your mmmmmmouth.

It all starts with the Mother dough (A ‘Starter' as they call it). Made of natural yeasts. I really wanted to eat this bread more regulary as it’s easily sold out and especially on sundays. I started to figger out on how to make it and how the hell i am going to find a good recipe.
So i started to watch some movies on youtube and soon found out that it is a lot of work, but i didn’t care, i simply wanted to accept the challenge i made for myself and thought, let’s do this.

I went to the library and found a really good book named, “The Superette” from Sarah lemke who was first a baker in Michigan. She came to Belgium some years ago and started a bakery in Ghent and is now active in Bokrijk with making artisanal bread. Sarah and Kobe published this book in 2015 and quickly got sold out everywhere. You can still find it in the library and it contains the recipe of the bread i have tasted before. Yes, let’s get started.

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