Saturday, 5 March 2016

Oven-Baked Fish Dish

Full of Omega 3 Vitamins

I’m not a full Vegan, i’m not even completely vegetarian, but i do choose healthy things over the supermarket food. So once in a while i do eat fish for the good fats inside, 
and it has a lot of Omega 3 which is very important for your body.

"Extensive research indicates that omega-3 fats reduce inflammation, helping to prevent inflammatory diseases like heart disease and arthritis. In addition to warding off inflammation, omega-3’s are also essential to the brain, impacting behavior and cognitive function,
and are especially necessary during fetal development."

To make it short >> I like to keep my brain healthy :)

This is very easy to make, but do calculate some time for baking. Cause you need to pre-bake the dough and then you need to bake another 40 minutes for the whole pie.

NOTE : I will also write some dutch words in RED, for people from my country.

1 roll of Puff pastry (Bladerdeeg)
150 gr of couscous
350 gr of fresh salmon 
1 tsp of garlic paste (knoflookpasta)
4 eggs
200 ml of fat free yoghurt (magere yoghurt)
1 broccoli
A handful of fresh parsley (Peterselie)
2 branches of dill
Some mint leaves
2 tbsp of good olive oil
20 gr of Gorgonzola cheese 
Pepper and Salt


1. Pre-heat your oven to 180°c. I chose a a pie pan by Emile Henry of 26 cm diameter.
Spray some oil in it and roll out the pastry. Remove the paper, but don’t throw it away. It should just fit the pan. Lay the pastry paper in it and fill with baking pearls. Put the dish on a grill in the oven and bake for 15 minutes.

2. In the meanwhile cut the broccoli in small pieces (Roses). And steam them for about 4 minutes or until they become soft. Remove from the steam oven or heat and remove the water. wash under cold water to prevent further cooking.

3. Cook the couscous according to instructions, add oil and salt.

4. Chop the parsley, mint and dill. Add to the couscous and stir gently. Season with salt and pepper.

5. Now it’s start to decorate the dish >> Lay the salmon in 4 pieces on bottom of the pan, add the broccoli and couscous on top.

6. In a separate bowl stir the eggs together with the yoghurt, season with salt and pepper again and pour over the couscous dish. Be gentle and make sure it’s nicely divided. You might need a spoon to help it a bit. Lift up the couscous to make sure all the liquid has been added. Add the Gorgonzola cheese in small pieces (make sure you divide it nicely, cause this cheese has a strong taste).

7. Bake the quiche on a grill in the oven for about 40 minutes.

When done, wait for some minutes to let the quiche settle itself from the heat from the oven.
Decorate with some dill and gently cut in pieces. Mmmmmmm......

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