Sunday, 27 March 2016

Double baked Soufflé with Caramelized Tomatoes

Happy Easter to You!
This was quite a challenge today to start the day with.

Some days ago i bought Delicious Magazine april edition from the Netherlands as i feel they always have good articles and recipes. This time it was no different. Immediately when i saw the cover, i knew i wanted to make this for easter. And guess what....if i did, i could win a brand new Kitchenaid stand mixer in any color of my choice. How amazing is that and so exciting!

This convinced me even more to go for that stand mixer :-)

The challenge was “Baking the Cover”. Simply perfect as that was already my plan.
Though it’s not easy to make Soufflé as i never made this before and heard so many stories from other people before which i think are a nightmare hehe. This was still something on my to do list, and this was the perfect timing.

I made it today. I started early this morning with caramelizing my cherry tomatoes with Smoked salt and some Stevia (as i do not use sugar in my recipes). It’s the only thing that i adjusted to my own health. For the rest i’s only once easter in a year :D

So go follow to find the recipe and if you wish to make this yourself, then don’t doubt about the taste, as it tasted amazing!!

So this was the challenge >>

And this is my version >>

I made it more in easter colors and as you know me, i love COLORS.

Fingers crossed for the Kitchenaid stand mixer :)

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