Friday, 31 July 2015

Risotto Funghi with a Southern Italian twist

The taste of the South

Since i started to cook Italian, i learned what Risotto is. Before that i never heard of Risotto :)
You can think it’s only cooked rice, but it’s not. When you make it well, it’s actually very delicious and at restaurants it’s promoted as a deluxe meal + it’s quite expensive there.
I can tell you that when you make this recipe, you probably will fall in love with Risotto too (for a more cheaper price) and homemade always tastes best.

Regulary it’s on my weekly planning to make, cause it’s fast, tasty and healthy + you can mix with other flavours all the time. I have made some variation of Risotto.
It’s really not hard to make, as many people think it’s so difficult. Actually it just asks for some patience. There are some basic rules you have to keep. There are many different tastes of this kind, but the one i like the most is with Mushrooms. It has some kind of Autumn taste, together with the marinated tomatoes...mmmmm......


Sunday, 26 July 2015

Vegetable Samosa’s

The Taste of India

Recently i updated my kitchen and it’s so nice and easy to have some good material to work with.
These Samosa’s are baked in my Philips Airfryer HD9240 XL. This is a wonderful machine for the small kitchen where you can do most of the baking with just a little bit of olive oil or even without oil, baking in smaller form than big ovens of course. But it’s handy and easy to clean.
Will do a separate review about this machine soon.

These indian snacks are ideal for a quick and light meal. You can make them in advance, freeze them or serve with a salad. I wanted to make these for a while and finally i did it.
The only thing i had troubles with was the Filo dough! Gosh! since it ripped all the time when using only 2 sheets. So, i used 4 sheets instead and they kept steady. Maybe i make my own Filo dough one day......
I found an interesting Youtube film of Bina Raniga (if you just want to see the making of the pocket, go to 7.30 minutes duration of the film). This actually helped me making the pockets for the filling and also the way she sticks the layers just with flour and water, much better than just water.

I have never done this before, so this was quite new to me as well :)


Friday, 24 July 2015

Banana Cake

Cake made with very ripe bananas

My first recipe post is a Banana Cake. But it’s no ordinary Banana cake!
As you may read on my introduction (welcome) page, i’m not a fan of sugar and fat. So i adjusted this recipe to become a healthy sweet cake.
Even the dough tastes really good before the baking which i always can not resist to taste :)

TIP : You can make many other things with ripe bananas, like Milkshakes, you can freeze them in, Banana ice cream, cupcakes, use it in a smoothie etc....


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